Finding an Oasis in Solon

Some people go to yoga for the "workout", some go to reset their minds, and some go for a varying mix of both. Wherever you fall on this spectrum Oasis Yoga + Fitness will deliver. A gratifying muscle-strengthening, mind-quieting, soul-intentioning practice awaited us on our tour stop to this Solon studio.

It had been a number of weeks since our crew practiced yoga at a tour stop and we knew we were going to have to really focus to get through today’s practice taught by studio owner Mike Strano. We were excited this morning that hands-on assisting was going to be provided by a familiar and lovely face, Megan Davis. As we entered the studio and the previous class was coming out we overheard a lady tell Mike that his classes have helped her with anger management. This just reinforced for us that Mike's classes run deep.

"The more you grip and strain and hold on, the less you are open to receive." Class began with an intention and a warm up to help heat us up from the inside. Within minutes the sweat dripped off of us as Mike led us through power pose after power pose. He took time to remind us about the importance of both alignment and breath. Well into the class he shifted the focus to some balancing poses with Eagle and Tree. Towards the end he worked in some inversions. A few in the room chose headstand but for most of the team Child's Pose would be the biggest inversion of the day after the intense class we had just experienced. Megan gave us each a great neck and shoulder massage during Shavasana as we melted into our mats.

At Oasis they care about each member's health and well being. Reaching goals while engaging in community are among top priority and we were pleasantly surprised by some additional, notable characteristics about this studio...First, they not only offer yoga but other complementary classes to help increase physical stamina and strength such as cycling, TRX, and various workshops...hence the name Oasis Yoga + Fitness! They also offer massage and infrared sauna therapy, which give delicious body benefits. Second, in the practice room hanging from the ceiling are infrared panels. Infrared works a little differently than your typical "hot yoga" class. These panels help to cleanse the body on a cellular level, add that to a sweat-inducing vinyasa flow and you have an effective detox cocktail. The air isn't stifling or humid like it can get in a class where the temperature is raised. But you will drip and reap the rewards. No wonder we were sweat machines within minutes of beginning class!

If you're looking to take your physical and mental health to the next level Oasis Yoga + Fitness is a great place to start your journey.

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