"Get Kicked by Annie...but in a good way..."

Kicked By Annie Fitness

As our team was very close to halfway through our 52 Weeks of Fitness tour we learned that sometimes a name can be deceiving as to what type of workout we were going to experience. Tonight our stop at Kicked By Annie Fitness was going to hit us hard with an intense, no bullshit workout. We entered her industrial warehouse turned fitness facility located in Berea, Ohio and noticed signs on the wall like, “Puke, Faint or Die”. There was no hidden meaning to this studio's title and during this workout we got the message loud and clear.

Right from the start we could tell when it comes to Annie she is all-in and whatever level you are starting at she is there to help you achieve your goals. We each had our own step, weights, ball and jump rope. From talking with regulars it is never the same workout twice so you are always challenged with Annie. Tonight's workout was called Extreme Training and she started promptly on time with a warm-up. We were already feeling the heat on the outside of our bodies as the warehouse doors were open and the evening sun was pouring in on us, but with her intense warm-up we were going to be feeling it on the inside too. After the warm-up we went right into some work with weights (glad we grabbed lighter pairs) and we moved into the rest of the workout. There were intense sessions of jump roping where we found it hard to keep rhythm as time went on but that's all part of the fun. We switched between activities and the cardio in between sets kept our heart rates up. We did core work on the step boxes we each had but knew there was going to be more. Sure enough we were up and down off the steps doing squats. As the workout continued it took more and more focus as our bodies started to fatigue. Annie made it clear how important it was to finish strong, but at the same time came around to hold us accountable to being in correct alignment, keeping our bodies safe. To keep us going Annie checked in with us and expected an answer loud and clear. Shouting out things like, ”not so bad!”, ”not so bad!”, to keep us going. Since it was such a nice night she had us finish up outside. This was not a cool down period yet as we were going to be doing intervals in the parking lot. Running down, high knees or butt kicks and doing lunges or squats on the way back. WOW!

We came back in to stretch & do wind down, which was well deserved as this was a TOTAL body workout, nothing was left out. The regulars were both supportive and encouraging as they took time after to share some experiences with us. What we found at Kicked By Annie Fitness was a very supportive environment and an instructor that will hold you accountable to your goals you have set for yourself. Annie may "Kick" your ass but she cares about her members and has the spirit of a true coach.


We had a chance after class to find out more about Annie’s fitness passion...

My name "kicked by Annie fitness" was really given to me by my clients.... They used to tell everyone they got theirs "kicked by Annie" so it kinda just stuck and became my name once I ventured out on my own! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my job!!! There is never a day I don't want to go to my studio! Helping people reach goals they never thought possible is amazing! My group of people are amazing and keep me motivated as well!

My favorite part is all the camaraderie and friendly competition we put ourselves thru during our workouts. And that amazing feeling when u finished what u thought u could not get thru. It's amazing the things we can do once we get it in our minds that YES WE CAN!

I have lots of sayings, quotes, phrases I repeat over and over when we are dying in our workouts. I always tell them all when we are finished, "We Made it through another one!", or "Puke, faint, or die.... We finished it!!!". I am all about challenging our bodies from all different aspects. I believe once you find the proper balance of healthy, clean eating, challenging workouts, and the right tribe to surround yourself with the results are endless and we are all hooked! It's up to each one of us to take our health into our own hands and do whatever we can to keep ourselves healthy, well, and fit! If we have our health, we have everything!!!

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