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Flow Yoga Studio

It was a bright, crisp Saturday morning when we found ourselves walking in to Flow Yoga Studio, tucked away in a corner of a plaza on Wilson Mills Rd. It seemed so unassuming, quiet, and neat like a benevolent angel sitting on a park bench disguised as the ordinary. Newly opened the studio was fresh, uncluttered and lovely but cozy at the same time. Once we entered the practice room we added "classy" to our list of descriptives as well. On the wall overlooking the practitioners was not the usual sanskrit words or paintings of various gods but instead an array of framed photos - guru's, spirit animals, and notable characters set to motivate and inspire. Audrey Hepburn and Mother Teresa shined upon us with their warm smiles. In addition to both of those amazing women, pictures of the Dali Lama and a Bald Eagle adorned the studio’s walls There were many more chosen by Adam, so we will leave the rest for you to discover when you practice at Flow.

Our instructor and studio owner, Adam Tilocco, began this practice with setting the intention of "fitness" specially created for our CLE Fit crew and this tour stop on our 52 Weeks of Fitness. He began with a quote from the infamous Richard Simmons, "No tricks, gimmicks, special pills, special potions, special equipment. All it takes is desire and will." While he read the quote we focused on our breath and settled into this space while lying on our backs. Then we started to build some heat from the inside out beginning with core work. From this point on we needed to have the towels close by as the sweat would soon be pouring off our bodies.

As we held "Warrior One" Adam encouraged us to be confident and to let that confidence shine out through our eyes. "It's all in the eyes", he said. Taking it a step further he coached us to practice this confidence through our eyes on our mats because as we all know not only does practice make perfect but our practice will melt in to our life off the mat, molding us in to beautiful, confident creatures. Throughout the practice Adam not only addressed the state of our minds through thought-provoking encouragement and the quotes from our fitness champions, but he also helped us to connect with our bodies, describing how organs, muscles, and joints would benefit from the various poses we settled in to. This visualization helped us to maintain the pose by giving us a focal point and activating our imaginations...engaging the mind body connection which would lead to even deeper benefits.

We have found it stimulating and inspiring to attend 44 different classes so far on this 52 Weeks of Fitness tour. One of the main lessons is not only to get out of your comfort zone but to continue to grow into your higher self. We feel that Adam is one of those special few teachers that helps his students do just that. Kudos to you Adam and Flow Yoga Studio...we'll be back for sure.

We had the chance to talk with Adam to gain some incite into the Flow Yoga experience.

1. Tell us about your passion and why you decided to teach yoga?

Yoga is a powerful rush of vitality! After my first yoga class, I became more and more curious & obsessed. I never experienced a practice that was so in tune with body, mind & inner spirit. Breath and movement had such an impact on my presence and self-esteem that I felt totally inspired & compelled to share within the community.

2. Tell us about the transition from just teaching yoga to owning your own studio?

If you want to own a studio, get ready to work your ass off. You will have to manage many responsibilities, in addition to interacting & connecting with many people. As a leader, everything falls back on you. Be intelligent, do what feels right and EXECUTE!

3. What would you like your students to walk away with after they attend your class?

I love the sweat & strength that comes with yoga, so I want students to feel detoxed in their body, healed in their mind, and most importantly, I want them to feel so empowered that they have a sense of urgency to get up and do something active & special within their lives. Remember... your legacy is on the line!

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