Pure Barre? "Tuck yea!"

Pure Barre Beachwood

Each week we talk about getting people out of their comfort zone as we all try new forms of group fitness. It’s funny, but when you know that something is looming on the schedule that you have never done and the opportunity to check it out in advance shows up, you go for it! Maybe it’s peace of mind or maybe the ego just does not want to be embarrassed. Well Barre was one of those workouts where some of our team had no experience. With half of the team saying we would get our asses kicked, we caved and checked it out in advance. What we found out is that it is non-stop, high intensity, cheerleader energy that will kick not only your ass but other body parts too. But we have to admit after getting a taste there is another part of the brain that says, “you are better off not knowing what you are getting yourself into!”

Tonight's class was taught by teacher and co-owner of both Beachwood & Hudson Pure Barre locations, Tiffany Trent. She is the real deal, there would be no slacking in her class and many times she would remind us of things like, "focus on your goal - the pool opens in 10 days".

A Pure Barre class is 55 minutes and begins with a warm-up in the center of the room, on the floor, and then standing with light weights to work the upper body. We then moved to the "bar" to work our thighs and our "seats" (not "asses" - they like to keep it classy in Pure Barre). The trick with this workout is that you do tiny, incremental movements to exhaust the focus muscle group to the point that you shake. This is one of the class goals, to really get shaking. The signature "tuck" is a tiny tilt of the pelvis, just enough to engage the core and gain the most benefit. We could feel the beat of the music as we focused our attention on these movements and muscles. As Tiffany taught she made her way around the room helping people get in to the correct alignment. In Barre being in the correct alignment isolates the muscle you are working on and removes your ability to cheat by using stronger surrounding muscles. We each had props such as bands, balls and light weights to further strengthen our bodies. After the seat work, we did a series of ab exercises, followed by a much deserved and desired cool down.

You don’t need to bring anything to class – no mats, no gloves, not even sneakers. The only thing you do need is a pair of socks and 55 minutes. You need to wear socks during class, preferably the kind with sticky bottoms which they sell at the studio with slogans like “Tuck Yea” and “Mother Tucker” running along the bottom of the foot. It doesn’t just stop there, tanks and shirts are available to tout your tribe and your affinity to the "Tuck". These ladies are serious about their Barre class but not serious in a cult type of way although we have heard that this class is highly addictive. One of our own CLE Fit crew members is an avid Pure Barre fan and goes 5 to 6 times a week! While the flow of class is always the same, they are always changing the music and exercises, so you never experience the same class twice.

“Pure Barre is more than just a workout; it’s a lifestyle. At Pure Barre, women share a sense of community, in which they are inspired and empowered by each others' fitness and lifestyle goals.” – but it’s not just for women and our team member, as our token male for the class Andy found out that it wasn’t a “girly” workout in the least. Although the environment caters to women they have special contests and prizes for members that bring their guy-pals in for a bit of "seat" kicking.

“I challenge any guy that thinks this is just a workout for women to give it a try. This workout will have you working small muscle groups you never knew you had.” ~ Andy Holland


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