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Partners To Empowerment Wellness Center

“A Sanctuary of Healing, Wellness, and Energy Through the Benefits of Yoga, Massage, Counseling, and Community.” ~ Partners

We arrived at the studio in a driving snow-sleet mix, really on May 15th? You have gotta love this Northeast Ohio weather. After this kind of start to our morning we stepped across the threshold into what felt like a peaceful sanctuary protected from the outside elements. Greeted by the owners Nita Leff and Carol Kwait along with Megan Davis, today's teacher, we felt the peaceful and welcoming energy of their new space.

This morning's class "Slow-Soul" was a slow flow, all levels vinyasa class flowing to the beat of your breath. Groovy music, meditation and a restorative Savasana invited us deeper into our soul.

In the beginning Megan asked the class to put a rock on their mat from her basket if you wanted hands on assistance and yummy neck rubs. Half the class put a pile of rocks on their mat on this cold and stiff morning! The practice that ensued was graceful, beautiful, and downright juice to our joints. In eagle pose she had us think of things that people have said about us that do not resonate with our spirits and as we unraveled from eagle and spread our arms wide over our heads she told us to open our hearts and let it go. So many times during a flow you start to anticipate where a teacher is going next so Megan likes to throw the unexpected into her class. This morning she added a Patti LaBelle song to her playlist and as we lowered into chair pose and linked hands with our neighbor as a class...a tribe, we felt the connection between all of us. And we bet that was exactly the unexpected Megan was going for.

Megan’s motivation for teaching yoga is to empower others to be present in their lives and to own their stories. After this beautiful practice, we were all present and we felt amazing. We then had the opportunity to enjoy some fresh juices and a tour of Partners' sanctuary that Nita and Carol have co-created - A beautiful space filled with beautiful people. The snow didn't feel quite as cold when we left.



An interview with Nita and Carol, co-founders of Partners To Empowerment Wellness Center.

Carol and I have been doing this work for 30 years! Our passion has always been serving the under-served, but the Wellness Center emerged from us realizing we could do both! When we opened 4 years ago, all we had was our passion!! We had no money, no business plan, and just learned along the way!! We now have integrated our wellness services for the entire community, including those that that cannot pay, have addictions, homelessness, and much more! Our services are all about mind, body spirit! Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Counseling, Recovery Programs, Nutrition, a variety of workshops, are just some of the services we offer!!

Our favorite part of what we do is firstly, working with all our instructors, who have become family to us! Second is when we see the awesome changes that wellness does for individuals that come to us with issues, and weeks later, they feel like a different person!! We have created a community, and this is a dream come true for Carol and I!

Our philosophy on health, is that every person needs to take care of themselves first, and we hope we have created a sanctuary, for healing, where any person that walks through our door will feel safe!

We had the opportunity to talk with Megan Davis after class:

I became a yoga teacher so that I could share the practice with children and teenagers living with trauma, to help them find a sense of self and to manage their intense emotions. ( which has been amazing). What I did not expect was to help myself in the process! Yoga is my church, my home, the place where I call my spirit back. I am awake to all of the possibilities within my life that were dormant before. I am so forever grateful for this practice!

My intention as a teacher is to create space for you to feel, to be, to love...I love to dance with breath and music intertwined throughout the class. I like to throw in something unexpected... a song or a posture to keep us in the moment.... Jay Z frequents my playlists

One of my favorite poses is dancing camel... I feel beautiful, strong and graceful when I am practicing.

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