You don't need to be a size 2 to be a size you.

Summer is in full swing with what seems like parties, barbecues and events every night of the week. All of these accompanied with amazing foods just calling to you. So on this hot and humid Cleveland Saturday morning our crew rolled into week 29 feeling a little sluggish.

Every studio has an energy and the more in tune you become the more you feel it. That feeling of being sluggish as we walked up the steps disappeared instantly as we felt the energy of this space. Walking into No Fat Birthdays Fitness Studio we felt immediately welcomed, as we were greeted by Jamey as well as other regulars. Arriving early we had a few minutes to look around and chat with Jamey. We noticed a sign on the wall that said, “Try something new & have fun!”, we knew we were in the right place.

As 9:30 approached and the studio lobby was filling up, students made their way into the studio where you could hear music laced with drum beats emanating. Students engaged with one another connecting Jamey joked and said, “that's why I keep the AC off in the waiting room and only turn the air on in the studio.” Apparently that encourages them to get in and ready to start on time. That’s part of the commitment to yourself, “Be On Time.” Make fitness important, you deserve it!

Here we go as Jamey cranked up the the volume so you could feel it. Each song was going to have a different step pattern and incorporate different moves like squats, burpees, push ups, and lunges. Jamey demonstrated the exercises for each song and worked his way around the room helping people that were new to the R.I.P.P.E.D class.

Once you got the basic pattern down for a song, and allowed yourself to feel the beat of the music it felt like a dance floor in a club (without actually having to dance). You could feel the energy in the room as everyone was excited to be here, no cliques, no judgement, all there for the same reason - to get fit. Working through the warm up and with our heart rates on the rise we were starting to find out just why they called this class a total body workout.

“You don't need to be a size 2 to be a size you. We simply want all humans to be the best version of themselves daily.”

The above statement is something Jamey exemplifies during class. With people in class of all different fitness levels, he made his way around the room during each song and offered modifications so everyone experienced a quality workout that was accessible to where they are on their fitness journey.

Sweat dripped and we felt great as the last song played to move through some final stretching. It was then that we truly experienced the support that we felt as we walked in the door at 9:00 am from other students. People walked around the room giving each other hi-fives, smiles and a genuine congratulations.

“Breaking down the walls people have hang up, the work is to bring them into the reality of doing as opposed to mere dreams.”

This shows in the experience that Jamey creates for his members. People stayed after as they connected and supported one another. Guys are welcome, but there are mostly women in his classes. We could tell because he has a whole bowl sitting out on his desk, not of mints but of hair ties! Now that is attention to detail. Jamey told us that education is more important than squats. He helps his clients reach their goals even creating meal plans for them.

“I've, personally, always been fit. I grew up riding a bicycle and skateboard every where I went. That child's zest for living never faded within me. I played college sports, joined a cycling team after graduation, even raced in a few professional races. I raced, didn't say I won :-). Nonetheless, I competed on the professional level as a cyclist. Being fit just felt right for me as I wondered why more people didn't simply get outside and move around. What began to strike me as I entered my 30's getting married, I noticed friends and colleagues begin to slow down, aging before my eyes. Again much of which is attached to poor habits and slow motion lifestyle. Eventually I started suggesting people do this and some of that to stay active for my Corporate colleagues, I've an MBA in HR/ Executive Management.

When my frustration for corporate life opted me to strike out on my own I knew I wanted into the fitness business as it began to boom in the early 2000's. Working at Big Box gyms wasn't satisfying for me, too many limitations as I knew to get and sustain a healthy weight and lifestyle you must push your limits. I again took a bigger leap, opened my own first studio. It wasn't sexy or successful but it was mine allowing me to help and reach those open to progression.

Ultimately, my passion stems from a desire to live my best life daily. It's so amazing that one can't help but share such joy.” ~ Jamey

28080 Chardon Rd #207

Willoughby Hills, OH 44092

Letter from Lynn, one of the students:

Great to meet you and your crew as well! Jamey is awesome and I hope the CLE Fit exposure will help more people hear about him and give his classes a try. NFB is a very unique fitness studio and the people are all second-to-none!

I've been attending classes on and off at NFB for about 3 years now, I would guess. As I come from a distance, I'm only usually able to make the Saturday morning or special holiday classes.

I can tell you I was introduced to Jamey and NFB by Heather Anderson. She's known him and worked out with him forever. She told me what a great guy he was and certainly didn't exaggerate. From my very first class, I felt completely and totally comfortable. I usually workout at home in my basement, but have taken group classes before and also have had gym membership to traditional gyms, so I'm no stranger to the workout scene. NFB offers a host of classes to hit every fitness requirement, with the exception of weighted/circuit strength training.

At each class I've watched Jamey make a strong effort to welcome those at NFB for the first time and he always gives the newbies a little extra attention to make sure they are able to follow along. He has a very light and playful spirit which takes away a lot of the stress and heaviness of what can be very challenging routines and workouts. There's always some laughter. There's always encouragement. There's always support. Anytime I've had a question, Jamey has responded and offered help and suggestions. He cares about PEOPLE and desperately wants to see ALL achieve their goals, whatever they may be. If you just want to drop 20 lbs or want to drop 100 ... if you want to tone up your post-baby bulge, or want to completely re-sculpt yourself into a bikini competitor ... whatever your goals are, he will set out a plan to help you achieve them and NEVER EVER waiver in his support for you. I cannot recall anyone else who I felt was so personally dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS more than his own bank account. I cannot stress that enough. He is beyond an anomaly when it comes to his degree of passion and dedication to helping anyone who wants help (even those who don't yet feel the need) find the help and support they desire.

Another noteworthy part of NFB are the members. I mentioned this on Saturday, but never before have I been associated with so many amazing, dedicated, and supportive women. From seasoned to young, black or white, athletes or those just getting off the couch, everyone lifts each other up and supports them fully, in a non-judging and ego-less fashion. This is probably what sets NFB apart. The core group of regulars all follow Jamey's lead and want everyone to achieve their personal best - they aren't all trying to out do each other and never, ever have I heard anyone mock someone or put anybody down. This, you would probably agree, cannot be said for most other gyms or fitness studios. I attended a few classes and made friends with people I'm still friends with today - all of whom I know have my back and will help encourage me along until I achieve my own goals. Whether I attend regularly, or can't make classes for a while, they always welcome you with open arms. Side note as it seems most of the members are women, but I have seen men attend the classes too. Jamey knows how to customize the workouts - even in a group setting - so all can get what they need. Even the men! Young high school football players, middle-age gym junkies, and everything in between. While it usually is mostly women, the men are most welcome and encouraged to attend, as well. In a nutshell, I love Jamey and NFB! I drive 40 minutes to get to NFB and never regret the drive. I always leave there feeling like, not only did I get my money's worth, but I just did something amazing for ME, to help ME get one step closer to my ultimate goals, with the bonus of probably having made a new friend or two, as well.

~ Lynn Bradford

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