“I will take you to the edge, but I won't let you f%&$*n fall!”.

The CLE Fit crew knew today's stop at Psycle in Westlake was going to give us one hell of a powerful class. We could tell right away because this class was sold out and the waiting list was continuing to grow as Saturday approached. We walked through the doors into lobby area, which felt like being in recording studio in LA. Adorned with black leather couches and a bright bold colorful mural along the wall. We looked around their beautiful studio, read some of the inspirational sayings, (which indicated that we were going to be focusing inward as we took this journey), and chatted with some of the regulars. The atmosphere was supportive, calm and peaceful. The 7:00 am class began to let out and we felt the heat and energy from them explode out of the workout room. The vibe these students emitted was like they had just crossed the finish line, given it their all, and felt a personal sense of accomplishment as sweat pored from their bodies. Now it was our turn! We entered the Psycle room and immediately got a sense that this was going to be very different then most cycling classes. The Psycle team and the regulars at the studio were so supportive of us, even taking the time to help us set-up and adjust the bikes we had selected. For some of us it would be our first ride. The lights were low and the excitement built as if we were waiting for our favorite band to hit the stage, this correlation would turn out to be more true than we thought. After a few words from Andy about CLE Fit, our passion for helping individuals out of their comfort zone, making fitness a lifestyle, taking and supporting others to do so, the class was ready to begin. This was not going to be a ride through the park, this was an 8:00 am "ride or die" tribe, with loud music, intense focus, and fists pumping to the beat.

Within seconds the lights dropped to just floor lighting and our instructor, Jennifer Kryz hit the stage, flanked by her wingwoman and sister Melissa. The sound of the amplifiers grew as she fired everyone up for this journey within. She said, “ Andy and the CLE Fit team are speaking our language”. The music went to level 10 and we were on our way for what seemed like the ride of our life. Jennifer let us know right away this was an "adult" class. As we warmed up and worked from seated to standing she said, “I will take you to the edge, but I won't let you fuckin fall!”. With the power in that statement we felt her confidence and she gained our trust. She reminded us often that this ride was not about anyone else in the room it was about looking inward. Creating the change we want in our lives and the world would occur first inside of ourselves. During some of the songs when we closed our eyes we could feel and see ourselves riding in the “Tour de France”, racing down a mountain. It was like a moving meditation. There were brief times when we felt like we might not be able to go the distance, like we had to sit back down, like our legs were on fire. But the beats would engulf us and the bodies moving in time around us would push us on...we couldn't back down and get off this roller coaster.

With our fearless leader, Jennifer, at the helm dancing on her bike, head banging to the beat, pumping her fist in the air it felt like the music was coming out of her, we could see it in her veins. Then she would shout, “You know whats coming next, You Can and You Will!”. She was speaking our language, the language of the You Can You Will Foundation. Towards the end of our ride she raised the lights as she led us through a workout for our upper bodies with weights. On this day it would be accompanied by a little throwback tribute to the days at Strongsville High which included AC/DC and Bon Jovi. With some final songs and a dance/peddle to the beat which included Tina Turner’s Proud Mary it was time to stretch.

We can’t emphasize that last part enough - for the need to stretch after this crazy workout!

Jennifer is an amazon warrior, a rock star, and a philosopher all wrapped up into one amazing teacher.

This is what she had to say to our team after class:

“I think the biggest difference between us and any other cycling studio in Cleveland is we truly believe and teach to working from the inside out. Other studios have caught onto the "peddling to the beat" concept, but we really message and market ourselves as instructors that create an environment where you heal the inside first. The rest will come. Hence our brand name PSYcle. The ride is a journey. A dance party on a bike...so much more than a "spin" class”


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