Trampolines bring out the kid in all of us no matter how old we "believe" we are.

Kids + Trampolines = Bliss! Do you know of any kid that does not like to bounce on a trampoline? We don't. And you say YOU are not a kid anymore? We do. Maybe you don’t see the kid when you are looking in the mirror, but that 10 year old is still in there, we promise. There is an incredible opportunity that presents itself when you are open to trying new things. And a trampoline workout was something new that our team was ready to try. Sky Zone's wall-to-wall trampolines were enough to bring out the kid in all of us no matter how old we "believe" we are.

The energy was electric when we arrived, it was like we opened the door to the school playground, the candy store, and an amusement park all rolled in to one. Tonight we were going to experience Rob's TurboFit Cross-Training workout and after some brief safety instruction from Molly Miller of Sky Zone we were ready to GO! All we needed other then our bodies were a set of weights and some sliders for the workout all of which were provided to us at the facility.

Our instructor Rob was overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement as he had us each go to our own trampoline, even his great hair was excited to get this party started! No one was just standing at this point, people were jumping, bouncing, laughing, and goofing around with each other...back to vision of being on the school playground. Rob got our attention and had us calm down and he began our class by stretching followed by a warmup to get our heart rates up. At that point we could tell this was going to be more then just bouncing for an hour. This class combined strength training, cardio, flexibility, and core stabilization...on a trampoline! Over the next 45 minutes we worked out on both our upper and lower bodies. Keeping our heart rates up, Rob took us through many different routines during this intense series, all being low impact due to being...on a trampoline!

"Slide to the left slide to the right", it was time for Rob's version of the Cha-Cha Slide in plank position...on a trampoline! Most of us are very open to modifications during any of the workouts we have experienced thus far on our tour of CLE, but the only one Rob would offer for his Cha Cha Slide one was to stand up and do the dance...on the trampoline! None of our ego’s would allow us to start that way, but as the song went on one by one we all ended up getting out of plank and doing the dance upright.

Towards the end of our workout, during a cool down period Rob broke us up into teams and brought out a ton of balls, back to that school yard again! It was dodgeball time...on a trampoline! The twist was Rob did not want us to sit out after we were hit, oh no, when we got hit we switched teams. This way our heart rates stayed up as we kept moving for the entire song. On a side note after a hard fought game and some skinned knees from diving to get the ball, the CLE Fit team won!

Besides the cold water there was one last treat after the workout that we were given. We got to play in the foam pit, so we mustered up what energy we had left to run, jump, dive, or even just fall into the pit. We wrapped it up with throwing foam blocks at each other and a family photo for the blog. Our faces were bright red not only from the workout but from smiling and laughing so hard. We figure that the reason you can keep up a high intensity workout at Sky Zone with Rob is because of the energy and excitement...on a trampoline! You just don't want to stop bouncing! Besides burning an insane amount of calories, building strength and sweating like crazy we also learned to not take ourselves so damn serious!

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