Just when you think it's over and you can't do anymore, YOU CAN!

After an amazing night for our team at Ideas to Action we awoke to a crazy-CLE-weather, snowy April morning. The drive into the town of Chagrin Falls was beautiful as the sun shined through the snow covered trees lining the streets. The class we were about to experience at T Move Studio was called Barre Fit. “It is a low-impact format that targets very specific areas for strength and flexibility with an emphasis on core strength, postural alignment and overall body awareness.” We placed our mats in front of the ballet bar and gathered the props that we would need - some assorted sizes of bands, balls, blocks and weights, the full spectrum of toning tools were at our disposal. We soon found out these would all be used to isolate and strengthen specific muscles groups in a very focused manner. Although it was low-impact, for most of our team it targeted areas of muscle that we never knew we had!

Our teacher Caroline Kwon Brosnan brought an enthusiastic and dynamic energy to the class. As she began you could feel her love of Barre and the supportive environment that group fitness can offer. For Caroline it's physical and mental, as it pushes the body to a heightened level of awareness. Every muscle, every breath, every stretch you are thinking about your alignment and form. You are focused on your body...nothing else. She guided us with details on specific movements as we progressed through the Barre series. Throughout the class she inspired us to continue to focus inward, helping us to find the inner strength to finish strong. It was inspiration like this, ”Just when you think it's over and you can't do anymore, YOU CAN!”, that gave us the confidence and belief to find our edge. Barre forces you to focus only on your body in that moment. You really start to feel it and it burns so good! You lengthen the muscles so you're not bunched and tight and it's a good balance between strength and length. We never knew that from such a low-impact workout we would be dripping in sweat.

In talking with Caroline and T Moves founder, Tuni Deignan, we learned why they are passionate about both Barre and their studio.

“I always did fitness on my own and had the opportunity to try group fitness and it totally changed my perception. In this positive supportive environment I formed bonds with fellow classmates. I felt so positive after leaving the group that it created a passion within me so strong I became a teacher. There is a difference being around other people and the energy that is created in a group setting. There is a camaraderie here as you are all here for one purpose to be focused, to support each other and have a good time. Anybody can do Barre and are welcomed and will feel encouraged to keep coming back, it's a very positive environment.”

~ Caroline Kwon Brosnan

“We opened t move studio in November of 2014. Our studio focuses on being fierce with all movement, whether it's barre/mobility/functional movement conditioning/anti-gravity fitness or DANCE. We are passionate about what we do and we train for longevity. Know your body, own your body so that no matter what activity you engage in you can use what we teach you to do it better and safer period. From ages 5 to 75 we embrace the way you move!” ~ Tuni Deignan, Owner

This is an encouraging and passionate group of ladies who are committed to helping people feel great about their bodies and to connect with each other. This environment is exactly why the CLE Fit crew is taking a tour of Cleveland's studios, to find these gems and help people to experience this for themselves.

www.tmovestudio.com for schedule

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