Some like it HOT!

Sunday April 3, 2016 we woke up to 32 degree temps and snow covered ground. That's Cleveland for you... but it did not stop Tim Kelly of 2nd Sole and a group of dedicated runners - and that's Clevelanders for ya! He led them on a 2 mile run that left at 8am and if you wanted to run further there was an option to add extra millage to your experience. The runners returned to 3 Sisters and Tim led a short run clinic focusing on strength and efficiency.

Our crew arrived as the run finished to the welcoming friendly vibe of the 3 Sisters studio. We were excited to come in from the cold and be a part of the 9am hot power yoga class that was going to be led by Colleen Alber. As more people arrived you could feel the energy start to build. By the time the class was ready to start the room was packed, mat to mat, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.

Colleen started the class and helped us to relax into our mat and find our breath. Over the course of the next hour Colleen was going to challenge us to find our edge and reach a little deeper. As we warmed up you could feel her love and passion for this practice emerge. Her inspiring words reached out to our ears and our souls throughout class at what seemed to be just the right time. It helped us focus inward and reach a little deeper to find that inner strength. There are times when we practice that we anticipate what pose or transition is next instead of staying in the present moment and enjoying where we are right now. She added different combinations to the sequences which challenged us to listen and focus on our bodies, while quieting our minds. We were blessed to have another wonderful teacher from 3 Sisters, Deirdre Wenzel doing some hands on assists. The assists were amazing as they helped us to go deeper, extend further and achieve balance in a pose that on some days just seems to elude us. There is a special connection when an instructor lays their hands on you. You can feel their healing energy, knowing to your core that they are there to enhance your practice.

Just when it seemed like you drifted from the present moment of the pose to, “how am I going to make it through,” Colleen’s music brought you back. “Playlist from 9am Hot Power, with a little bonus Bob Marley track to bring us home.” Colleen

This class was packed with yogi's loyal to their practice. This makes for a tight-knit community and atmosphere that leaves you feeling filled with peace. The welcoming, friendly vibe is an important part of the 3 Sisters experience. Their focus is to make yoga approachable and welcoming to ALL ages, bodies, and levels, from the beginner to the experienced practitioner.

“I love that 3 Sisters always makes room for one more-- the most welcoming (and generous) studio on the planet. The collective effort of the three groups: 3 Sisters, Run Wild and CLE Fit all working together to get people to MOVE made for some incredible energy!! And I think everyone had fun and left feeling great....which is all we're really after. That students enjoyed the experience, feeling a little better than when they walked in . They walk in feeling welcome just as they are, and leave feeling better in their bodies.” ~ Colleen Alber

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