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Amazing things happen at just the right time when you let go and allow, rather then trying to force. This statement couldn't be more true with the perfect timing of this class for our CLE Fit crew. Sunday’s class was added to the schedule almost two months in advance and conveniently fell two days after a Sweat & Feast event that we attended. As our team hobbled into Ride + Workout with tender and aching muscles to participate in Ann Weixel’s Active Isolated Stretch class we would soon be reminded that the Universe always has perfect timing.

“Active Isolated Stretch is a super effective healing method based upon a 2 second hold per stretch which allows blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to heal the tightest areas of your body. Results are immediate and when done consistently, your body will heal and function better than ever.”

As Ann started to take us through the first rounds of stretching and we focused on isolating different muscles, we felt immediate release. Whether it was standing at the wall to work on our shoulders or lying on the mat using a strap to work on our legs, Ann talked us through exact placement and angles to isolate each particular muscle group. She also held us accountable to the 2 second hold per our 5 to 15 reps and gave us motivation to keep at it. Her inspiring dialogue with us was sprinkled with cheers to "Hit it!" as well as scientific nomenclature of each muscle and how best to care for it.

We will commit upwards to an hour or more to a workout, but if we are honest with ourselves most of us blow off the necessary stretching after a few minutes. Like anything else we get out of it what we put in. Ann knows how much discipline it takes for this type of self-care and about 30 minutes in to this class made the comment, “If you do this at home let me know and I will give you a sticker!”…as the room filled with laughter and guilty giggles.

We ended class with a final relaxation pose and rose from our mats feeling limber, rejuvenated, and relaxed. To further extend the replenishment to our taxed muscles, Alexandria Lynn was on location from drinkNOOMA with some ice-cold hydration for everyone. Ann told us that her own personal injury brought Active Isolated Stretch into her life and how her body healed without additional surgeries or pills. She applied this method with her clients that were suffering from pain as well. The results were amazing! Her clients improved in areas of mobility, experienced pain relief and gained lymphatic system benefits. She explained that she has a passion to empower people to care for themselves and heal without harsh surgeries or drugs. And when she said "empower" we knew we had met one of our own! We could hear the comments floating around as attendees gathered their belongings to head back out into the real world. The general consensus was pure awe at how great our bodies felt, the soreness gone, muscles and minds relaxed. It was the medicine that we needed, so to speak... and the only side affect was feeling great!

Active Isolated Stretch (AIS) 60 You've done it again! Running, cycling, rowing lifting, and lunging. It's time to open up and lengthen, energize and repair. Anyone can benefit from AIS. “When done consistently, your body will heal and function better than ever.” ~ Ann Weixel

Private AIS appointments are also available, email ann@rideandworkout.com. www.rideandworkout.com

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