FitExpress with Towpath Fitness

The CLE Fit crew had been at Towpath Fitness earlier this year to support their grand opening where they offered a line up of various classes as a taste for what's in store. Now we were back for the full FitExpress class experience, team-taught by seasoned instructor Scott Middleton and teaching her first FitExpress class Jacqui Lingler! We knew before we started we needed to hit up the vending machine for some serious hydration which only had one selection...Cleveland’s own drinkNooma.

The place was packed with music booming as all of us gathered around to begin class. Our instructors led us through a warm up to get the blood pumping and prepare us for the workout. We formed 8 lines and moved across the room doing lunges, forward folds walkouts, squats, and more. Once our muscles were warm and our breathing increased our coaches explained the FitExpress workout journey we were about to embark on. The coaches gave us options to scale down each movement so that this workout would be accessible to people at all levels of fitness. Getting everyone pumped for today's workout, Jacqui said, “We want to give you the tools for a workout you can do at home.” At this point we truly knew that these coaches are all about helping people achieve their goals, in or outside of their gym.

People broke off in to little circles or did their workout individually. The coaches strode between bodies carrying out our workout agenda for the day. The time FLEW by and before we knew it we had completed our session, sweat dripping down our faces, hearts pumping, breath was strong and fluid.

Coach Jacqui’s background is in yoga and she took us through some wonderful poses to help us stretch out and cool down as we ended our session. Her happy and light energy poured out of her and we basked in the glow. Accepting, exciting and super motivating are all great coach attributes and she has them in spades. Couple that with Scott's bad a$$ness and drill instructor energy and you have the best of both worlds helping you to keep pace and achieve what you walked through their doors to gain.

The key to success in any of these classes lies both within the instructor and the student. The instructor must be able to inspire you to do more throughout the entire workout and the student must have the confidence to honor their body. Both Scott and Jacqui brought their inspiring energy and did what good coaches do. They got us to push our limits, go beyond what we thought we could do while creating a safe and fun environment as they moved around the room.

Jacqui is the best cheerleader ever!

“Towpath Fitness is dedicated to bringing a broad spectrum of fitness to all its members. We offer a wide variety of classes and events to keep you engaged in a lifetime of health and fitness. Our goals are to have fun, be healthy and build a strong community in and outside our facility.”

This class was donation based and Towpath chose to support the non-profit ZENworks Yoga. With the amazing turnout at this stop on our 52 Weeks tour we raised $185.00 to help support ZENworks programs that reach under-resourced schools and children to teach them the benefits of yoga and mind/body practices. Making the world a brighter and happier place. :)

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