Detox at Cleveland Yoga

Our team arrived to Cleveland Yoga Uptown after a busy work day and driving through afternoon traffic. We were excited for the Power Yoga Basics class with Meg Nelson that was just minutes away from beginning. When we opened the door to the practice room a wave of heat pushed against our bodies and faces. The lights were low, the mats laid out, and a sea of child-posing yogi's filled the room. We instinctively knew this was gong to be a great way to end our Thursday.

As we slowed our minds and focused on our breath during this transition between the rush of the day to the inner place we go to in our practice Meg said, “We are going to combat stress and anxiety tonight performing self-care, taking the time to do something for ourselves. You don't normally combat with yoga but we were all in for that kind of battle! We moved through a warm up and into some Sun A poses and Meg spent time holding and breaking down each pose for us. This was a CLASSIC vinyasa practice on every level and our first taste of such in our 52 Weeks tour. Loud, powerful ujjayi breath washed over us. Strength based poses, basic but NOT easy, were our weapons in our battle against our enemy, the daily stress we experience. When we were ready to flow all of our sequences together she walked over to our team and ask, “Music or no music?”. "Bring on the music!" was the consensus and Meg acquiesced... “A Bieber tribute” she announced and the room filled with chuckles and sniggers. Meg in all her wisdom, after all of the strong warrior poses brought a little Beebs humor that helped everyone let go and relax. Meg was like a perfect blend of your favorite school teacher, your best friend, and Yoda all rolled in to one.

Sweat poured off of us, detoxing at the intercellular level as we moved through the sequences she had selected for this practice. What gives you stamina and gets you through a "power" class is the ability to go within and draw on your inner strength. Going within also allowed us to hear her messages and mantras that were woven throughout the class. “You can't properly love and nurture others if you don't love and nurture yourself first.” So many times we are made to feel guilty by our conditioning when we spend time taking care of yourself. The reality is when we create the time to do this we can do so much more for others. As we held poses longer then we thought we could she helped us to focus on our breath and her wisdom.

So many times students attend a power class, blow through the poses at a rapid rate while being out of alignment, doing more harm than good to their bodies. Meg teaches to the newest students in her class so first-timers feel welcome and not overwhelmed. Don't let that fool you, this class is one of the hardest we have attended. Her descriptions go beyond just telling you what pose to move to next. She builds a picture with her words so that you can better connect with your own body, really get in to it and build your form from the roots up. We would encourage even the seasoned yogi to add a power basics class into their schedule because after all who wouldn't want to build a habit of proper alignment!

Meg Nelson had this to share with our team after class in regards to taking care of yourself:

"No" is the power the good witch wields." Saying "no" to others can mean "YES" for you. We often think "no" is negative and dark but it can be a powerful white light force. The love you receive is the love you feel you deserve. If you are in relationships with people that make you feel small, neglected, or bad about yourself then take it as a message from the universe that it is time to evaluate some things about how YOU feel about YOURSELF. It may be time to own up to what's happening in your world. It starts with you asking yourself these questions. Who am I? Do I feel deserving of great love so much that the universe presents people in to my life that love me powerfully?"

Her messages are all about self-care, finding yourself, and loving yourself...allowing you to become the love that you want to see in your world. In physical practice and soul-based practice the message is the same. We see what you did there Meg...and we are lovin' it.

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