NO BULL at Pure + Raw

Whenever you are about to try something new there is usually both hesitation and excitement all wrapped up together. It’s week 9 and our team already had a lot of great experiences, so we were really pumped to get a great workout in today. There are some mornings when you want to go at your own pace, but this would not be one of them. On this morning we were enrolled in the Reformer Plus class at Pure in Strongsville and it was being led by someone that fully intended to reform us, Pieter Pelser.

Peter set the tone early by explaining the three Reformer stations we would be training on and did a quick demonstration of each. We were to do each of these stations for 10 min straight, no break during the 10 minute station. The workout would include a warm-up, core strengthening and balance, classic Pilates exercises for the upper and lower body. The Reformer removes gravity and takes pressure off your joints, challenging smaller stabilizing muscles that normally get overlooked, as well as increasing flexibility, strength and balance.

The only gift we were getting from Pieter today was leftover from his New Years resolution. He told all of his experienced students to partner up with a newbie and offer help. After the group warmup we split into small groups to start the rotation. The starting gun went off as the 10 minute timer started and the room went from silence to being filled with machines moving & killer 90’s rap booming. As we moved through the three exercises we were taught on each machine for the first 10 minute rotation, Pieter walked the room. He corrected our alignment and pushed us in a "tough personal trainer/taunting big brother" style which had us all cracking up. When one of our team members got up to get a cup of water Pieter called her out laughing, “What can I get you a cup of coffee and a soft pillow!” From that point on we knew what was expected and that we were about to get our asses kicked in a good way as we moved through the rest of the 55 minute workout. After today our team would all agree that this was the best core workout so far on our 52 weeks tour.

After Pieter was done with us we were in for a much needed and appreciated treat. We all gathered as Marisa DiCenso Pelser of Raw Trainer and her team had laid out some amazing raw food dishes that would replenish our energy supply. Homemade granola, green smoothies, sprouted oatmeal porridge, apple crumble and chocolate "cheesecake" mousse were spread across the table. These were all natural, organic, gluten, dairy free, and friggin delicious!

Today’s class at Pure and Raw was donation based. Peter and Marisa would be donating the money to ZENworks Yoga one of the non-profits that is partnered with You Can You Will. What a great team we found here at Pure and Raw.

NO BULL ~ “At Pure, we know that changing your body changes your life. It’s that simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes just as much mental focus as physical strength, so that’s where we start.”

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