Wild FreedOm Punk Yoga

What is Punk Yoga? Well there's a lil Bowie, a lil John Doe and even a little Dolly Parton, but it’s more than just the music, punk is an attitude that we shine outward. Getting out of our comfort zone and changing our personal status quo was main-stage as we entered the Beachland Ballroom Saturday morning. Giant speaker towers on each side of the stage, the soundboard in the back and the stage lights with all their amazing colors beaming down over the floor...we knew we were in for quite a ride.

Shel started the class by saying, “How many times do we walk down the street and as someone passes by we avoid eye contact, or you get the feeling they are just looking right through you?” Shel told us to embody the Punk attitude and engage that person, connect with them, let them know that both of you matter. We began our practice in Hero’s Pose, and as the music built we turned our focus inward. With the music being different than a typical practice, many felt that it kept them from being distracted in their minds, creating lists of to do's or solving the world's problems. As we moved thru the asana’s Shel showed us the power in holding specific poses. She pushed us to shine through as we extended a little farther with words of inspiration throughout the class like, "climb the mountain”, and "thunderbolt" outward. It was empowering when she encouraged us to take the most courageous pose by doing whats right for you, and not what others are doing or what she tells you to do.

Many teachers remind you to connect with your breath during practice but none so memorable as Shel. “Breath in for yourself and breath out for others, don't boggart that good stuff!”

When we opened our eyes after our final resting pose Shavasana, we found our very own animal-spirit-warriors at the top of each of our mats (a little toy animal) courtesy of the Wild Unicorn Punk Yoga Teacher. Had they been there all along inside of us, guiding us and encouraging us to run, soar and ROOOAR? We think so. With our now manifested animal-spirit-warriors in hand we ended our day in the Beachland Tavern for some good food, afternoon libations, and great company. I would also like to note that there aren't a lot of practices that allow parents and their children to practice together...Punk Rock Yoga is all about it. The soft giggles of children participating in an age old wisdom practice of the mind and body added to the sweet vibe of the room.

Shel mentioned being one of the "crazy ones" and quotes by Steve Jobs came to my mind about thinking different. That is exactly what Shel did when she created her Punk Yoga Series. We encourage you, just like Shel, the next time you take a walk in your neighborhood, create your own path, look people in the eyes, be real and connect. Know that when you do amazing things will happen along the way.

“Punk music + Yoga = a roaring Om that will shake your soul and align your body. Free your mind & your asana will follow.” Shel


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