Drop and Give me Zen

“When you believe that every place is on the way to some place else, then no place is out of the way.”

Zen Yoga took us to the southern suburb of Brunswick for a Wednesday night practice led by Linda Stevenson, one of the studio’s owners. When you, like our team live your life by the above quote, your travel to any place becomes part of your amazing adventure. Zen is a beautiful space with a wide variety of classes for all individuals. The newest addition to the line up are their Barre classes. ​Barre is a fusion of yoga, pilates and isometric postures inspired by ballet.

We opened our practice laying on our backs as Linda came around and placed a drop of the Essential Oil "Joy" in our hands. Joy opens your heart and inspires us to live through our passions. We rubbed our hands together, then cupped them over our nose as she ask us to breath in...what an amazing feeling to open our practice and our hearts to joy.

With a strong focus on alignment Linda led us through a different series of asana’s. She made suggestions to add additional challenges to many of the poses as well as the use of props to raise the ground up to the proper level for the individual student’s alignment. What we have found on this journey is that when you are asked to change the way you do something it causes you to be drawn back to the present moment and focus. We could feel the heat building from within as we moved through these sequences. The name Zen Yoga was appropriately chosen by Tricia and Linda as we saw many therapeutic and relaxation benefits woven through the asana practice.

When a teacher "assists" in helping us to achieve proper alignment, a deeper stretch and a settling in to a pose occurs. it is a way to support, deepen and intensify our practice. We were blessed to have one of Zen’s owners, Tricia Tracy assisting for this class. As the practice went on she moved about the room offering hands on adjustments which allowed us to go places in our practice that we could not get to on our own.

The class closed with another amazing mind/body treat while we lay in Shavasana. Indu lotion was applied to our shoulders and neck and we each received some Reiki energy as well. After sealing in our practice with a final "Om" we left Zen Yoga feeling relaxed, aligned and joyful!

“Our team is committed to the health of your body, mind and spirit. We strive to offer classes and services that provide growth opportunities for all types of people.” ~ Zen

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