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Tremont over the last four years has become our team's adopted home. We were excited that our 52 weeks tour had a stop at Studio 11 for a Thursday night practice. With the grand re-opening of Studio 11 just 3 weeks prior we were able to experience this beautiful space with it’s yellow walls and warm energy as they really rolled the red carpet for us with live music and a specially themed class. Kelly Novak led us through a specific class for the Valentine’s week, “Back to Bhakti.” Bhakti Yoga is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment. Bhakti means “devotion” or “love”. She gave us many examples of Bhakti in our life, from taking care of our selves (self love) to picking up a piece of trash in the street (love for the earth).

Kelly brought an amazing energy to the practice right from the beginning. The practice was both physical and spiritual. She wove many simple ideas throughout the practice like alignment, breath and countless examples of Bhakti that helped us to focus on our practice and taking care of ourselves. As we inhaled and raised our arms towards the ceiling she informed us of the neuro-reward that our brains were receiving. Bonus!

The team at Studio 11 is awesome. It really says a lot about a studio when the owner stays and offers to assist for the entire practice. Tiiu Gennert’s gentle and loving assists were incredible, enabling us to move deeper into the poses while helping with our alignment.

The music tied it all together for us and raised the energy of the whole room. Kelly opened with the Jivamukti Invocation, (Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu), meaning “May all beings everywhere be happy and free” while playing the harmonium. Beth Gatchell’s beautiful voice drifted through the space around us as she played guitar throughout the practice. Following the ending restorative pose and the final OM many people commented how high the vibration felt as it reverberated thru their bodies.

“Striving to unite the body and mind through the power of the breath, while combining art and science for a meditation in motion.” ~ Studio 11

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