A shift back to the mat this week brought it all together for our team. Working on both physical aspects of our bodies and a focus on inner strength. This was an amazing practice led by the powerful Ylonda Rosenthal-Green.

Ylonda has the drive and motivation of a coach that is going to work your ass off in a practice, while at the same time drawing out the inner strength that is deep within all of us. In this warm slow flow she had us hold poses that took us right to the edge, which gave us a new perspective beyond where we thought we could go.

The real power however was in the words that she had us connect with the breath. She had us breath in “I AM” and breath out “Worthy”. What you add after the words “I AM” is very powerful. They will either empower an individual or disempower them. She invoked the “I AM” presence within us throughout the practice cultivating and drawing out an inner strength that is very self-empowering. As we lay on our mats at the end in during Shavasana she raised the vibration of the room even more with a track of her playing cello followed by her chanting, in her beautiful, powerful voice. We left feeling amazing with a feeling of inner power that you have to experience to truly understand.

The next time you find yourself using the words, “I AM” during the day be conscious of what you place after them it will affect your life!

“When we work to remove our doubts and fears, our gift and passions are revealed and activated.” ~ Ylonda


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