The Ultimate Workout

As we opened the door to CrossFit Distinction we felt like we stepped into a training facility for professional athletes. We arrived early to see both men and woman doing a serious workout. Ripped bodies, heavy lifting, climbing the peg wall pulling up their full body weight. With a passion and energy for fitness, Lindsey Kelly told us that this was the regular CrossFit class and you will be doing our Fit class. “Fit is our version of a bootcamp-style class. CFD Fit takes the emphasis off of heavy lifting and gymnastics and focuses more on the metabolic conditioning piece of CrossFit.” With that our level of confidence was on the rise and we were ready to jump in.

Lindsey Kelly, Kyle Peters and Scott Supler would be our coaches as they started us off with a group warmup. Then we would be trained on the routine for the day, squats with kettle bells, burpees and sit-ups. The caveat here was you picked a partner and while you did the routine your partner held a 10lb weight over their head. Then you switched with your partner and if at any time either of you set the weight down you each had to drop and do 3 additional burpees before resuming the routine. There was a feeling of great camaraderie as we brought it all in at the end and yelled 1,2,3 CLE Fit! Lindsey left us with a great reminder that it is only when you take care of yourself that you are able to take care of others.

CrossFit Distinction is not a typical "gym." You will learn to do things that you have never done before. You will learn good mechanics first, establish consistency, and finally, build intensity. You will become part of a community of motivated individuals who inspire and encourage each other.

CrossFit Distinction

23500 Mercantile Rd,

Beachwood, OH 44122

(216) 245-6560


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