DeStressing with Agni Yoga Studio

"...I was drawn to yoga, the mindful movement, the breath work and the awesome feeling after a practice. I love that it is a practice, not a goal or completion, and never a competition." We couldn't agree more Deb, we couldn't agree more. And that's why we decided to make a stop at Agni Yoga in Mayfield on our tour.

This yoga studio had many of the traditional aspects that one affiliates with a "yoga" setting. The soft glow of salt lamps, the hint of incense in the air, the warm energy enveloping you as you walk in to a calm and quiet atmosphere. A perfect place to practice Gentle Yoga.

Deb has one of those melodic voices, likely from her years of practice and experience in the art of teaching yoga and before long we were lulled in to a state of de-stressing from the day. Our class began with breathwork and settling in to our selves. Per her instruction we inhaled as one and she directed us to "leave everything and everyone in your exhale because it's all about you right now" (sounds glorious doesn't it). We were then guided through some languid stretching, core-working poses, and aligning postures. Class ended with a long and peaceful shavasana.

A few things really stuck out to us about this studio and class. Deb is a true healer. You can tell by the way she speaks, her presence, and her connection with each member of her class. She wants people to feel good, to take care of themselves, to connect with each other. The studio itself has a spa-like quality There are a range of yoga classes offered at Agni with various instructors bringing their flavor to the practice as well as healing services. If you are new to yoga or just find yourself wound too tightly this Gentle practice has the ability to unwind not only your body but your mind and soul as well. We like to think of this gem of a class as "dessert yoga" because you feel like you just treated yourself to something very sweet and satisfying.

"Health is more than numbers, tests, stats, and looks. Health is looking forward to your day and knowing you have the energy and stamina to move through it confidently. Contentment (peaceful gratitude) is a huge component of health since the mind affects the emotions and physical body to a large degree. Having a mindful movement practice such as yoga allows you to keep checking in with your mental, emotional and physical states and make any needed changes. Our health is constantly shifting and we need to make adjustments, both minor and major, to keep our balance of positive health." - Deb Bunnell, Owner of Agni Yoga Studio

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