Meet the wonderful people that make CLE Fit possible!

Andrew Holland

Executive Director 
In the fall of 2008 Andy took his first yoga class and his life was forever changed. After attending the Telluride Yoga Festival in 2011 and Yoga Rocks the Butte in 2012, he said, “Why not bring something like this to Cleveland, Ohio.” In the spring of 2012 Cleveland became the sixth city in the YRP family. He knew how the benefits of yoga affected his life and wanted to share this with other people. One of his WHY’s is, “To create a place where people that believe, "all things are possible", can come together in commUNITY.” That is just one of the things that CLE Fit will give us the ability to do. When you create a space that brings people together centered around yoga, music, fitness, wellness and commUNITY, you, “enable people to empower themselves” which is another one of Andy's WHY’s. One of Andy's goals with CLE Fit is to bring the whole yoga community of Northeast Ohio together.  He hopes that through sharing his journey he will be able to help empower other people along the way.

Angela Fach

Architect of the Vision

Angela is a Catcher of Light, Dreamer of Dreams and responds to every call that excites her spirit. Angela spent over 15 years as an Art Director and then left her career to start her photography business in 2010. While holding a camera as in life, she strives to connect with people through loving, compassionate and non-judgmental energy. She believes this energy combined with her skill allows her to capture the magic of each moment through a lens. 


She believes that passion and inspiration is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Angela's main objective is helping people from every walk of life through see their future in such a way that they’re filled with uncompromising confidence. This is influential in helping individuals identify their dreams and deepest desires, and empowers them, placing the ability to shape their future in the palm of their hand.


To CLE Fit, she brings a positive loving energy as well as marketing, graphic design & photography talents. She chooses to live a life that inspires hope in others. 

“Connoisseur of the Group Hug”

Abundance Director and Health Coach Extraordinaire: 

Her mission: To help people fight off disease, bad guys and the ho-hum of boring days! Educating, supporting, and growing with people is her “thang”. She enjoys looooooong walks, reading, and the occasional forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku, it’s a real thing, we swear, look it up!).


Tera Somogyi

Volunteer Opportunities

CLE Fit is looking for volunteers to help with this summer's festival series! Joining the team will mean tons 'o' fun with great people by helping to bring a health and wellness event series to the Cleveland community. CLE Fit strives to connect students, teachers and leaders under one SKY to offer a variety of yoga practices, bootcamps, speakers, wellness vendors, and more!!! Volunteers are needed for all aspects of each of the 4 summer events (which will be on Saturdays), for example: greeting and welcoming attendees, clean up, set up, check in station, giving out HUGS!, etc. If your forte is behind the scenes with marketing, administrative tasks, organizing, obtaining sponsorships, etc. CLE Fit would love to have you on board! Please let me know if you can help this great cause to move, laugh, sing, connect, inspire, and uplift one another!